Plymouth-Canton Community Schools


What is EEF?

EEF is the Educational Excellence Foundation serving Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists for the benefit of students in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

Who runs EEF?

A volunteer Board of Directors runs EEF. The Board consists of business owners, members of the community, parents, retired P-CCS employees and others who want to help make education in the P-CCS the best that it can be.  EEF is an independent, community-based non-profit corporation.

How is EEF supported by the school district?

P-CCS provides office space to EEF so that no costs are incurred for rent or utilities.  The Superintendent is an ex-officio member of the EEF Board.  The P-CCS School Board also appoints a member to the EEF Board to serve as a voting member.  EEF also works closely with the P-CCS Marketing, Communications and Community Engagement Office.

How much is spent on overhead?

With an all volunteer Board of Directors, donated office space and only one part-time employee, overhead is extremely low. EEF’s goal is to put as much money as possible back into the schools in order to positively impact the maximum number of students.

How does EEF raise Money?

EEF sponsors a number of different fundraisers throughout the year, including our annual golf outing and wine tasting events.  Some projects are funded through grants from local community service groups, while other projects are funded through the P-CCS employees Community Giving Campaign.  In addition, EEF is authorized to receive tax abatement funds.

Why should I make a donation when I already pay taxes?

Funding for public schools in Plymouth-Canton is no longer controlled locally, but at the state level. In essence, the state now dictates the quality of education students will get based upon funds they distribute. Of each tax dollar property owners in Plymouth-Canton pay to public K-12 education, only 60% is sent back to our District from Lansing. The remaining 40% is distributed to other school districts in the state. It is not legal for local school districts to tax themselves to provide increases in school operating funds. We must find new sources of revenue for our schools, and private giving is one of just a few options. Communities can levy millages for capital expenses (like a new high school, repairs, technology), but not for operating expenses (staff, supplies, instructional support).

What type of programs does EEF support?

EEF awards Classroom Enhancement Grants for innovative projects that support the existing curriculum.  EEF provides tuition assistance to the elementary Summer Academy for elementary students who are “at-risk” and not performing at grade-level in reading and math.  In addition, EEF sponsors other projects in the District, as needed, when funds are available.

Doesn’t EEF give out scholarships, too?

EEF is the fiduciary advisor for approximately $300,000 worth of scholarship funds.  EEF does not fundraise for scholarships.  Information on scholarships is available at through the district website and at the P-CEP Counseling Office.

What types of donations are accepted?

EEF accepts gifts of cash or cash equivalents, marketable securities and in-kind gifts of personal property. Some gifts may require review by the EEF Board of Trustees including tangible property that is not readily marketable, real estate, closely held and S corporation stock, partnership interests, life insurance, etc. EEF reserves the right to refuse any gift that it believes is not in the best interest of EEF or Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

My company matches charitable donations.  Does EEF qualify?

EEF qualifies for most company match programs. Please send us your paperwork along with your donation and we’ll do the rest.

How do I make a donation?

Donations can be mailed to Educational Excellence Foundation, 454 S. Harvey Street,Plymouth, MI, 48170.   Please make checks payable to EEF.  Online donations can be made by going to our partner website:

Can I direct my donation to a specific project?

A donor may specify where they want their donation directed.  If no designation is specified, donations are used where needed most.

Are donations tax-deductible?

EEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

I can’t make a cash donation, but I want to help.  How?

Referrals to local businesses (potential education partners) help open the door to partnerships that benefit our students. Donations of gift cards, event tickets, silent auction items, etc. that can be used at fundraising events are appreciated.  Volunteers are needed to help at EEF fundraising events.  Most importantly, be an EEF Ambassador and spread the word:  EEF is doing good things for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools!

How can I find out more?

Contact Executive Director Gretchen Ward at (734) 416-2718 or email to