Assisting Families With Athletic Participation Fees

Let’s face it, kids sports are not the same as they used to be. The days of playing free sports through your High School are fading. Due to continued cutting of educational funds in districts, public schools are forced to make difficult decisions. To help offset costs for sports equipment and upkeep many districts have been forced to migrate to a ‘Pay to Play’ program. Schools ask families of kids who want to participate in sports to help contribute.


Plymouth-Canton Community Schools are no exception. As a result, this type of funding structure can create a financial hardship for some families. Consequently resulting in students not being able to play sports.

Therefore, the Athletic Hardship Donation Funds were created to help those families that cannot afford the Athletic Participation Fees. Through the Educational Excellence Foundation you can make a big difference. Help a child get involved in sports that wouldn’t have the means otherwise.

To make a donation, please go to the link below to contribute to the school of choice:

Plymouth Athletic Hardship Donation Fund

Salem Athletic Hardship Donation Fund

Canton Athletic Hardship Donation Fund

All donations to these funds are Tax-Deductible to the fullest extend to the law.