Help High School Athletics

The High School Athletic Project Funds are a joint fundraising effort between the P-CCS High Schools and the Educational Excellence Foundation. These funds were created to enhance existing athletics and activities facilities. Be a part of a great asset to our community. Furthermore, leave a legacy for future generations. Proceeds from donations will be used for facility improvements. This includes enhancing the athletic wing to evoke school spirit. In addition, it will provide functional upgrades used by all teams. Plus, it will be used by many clubs, the Marching Band, and Plymouth High School students and staff. All donations are tax-deductible.


All donation funds will be administered by and held with the EEF.

Help us give our student-athletes the high quality and a safe playing environment. As a result, this will help them to be competitive with local districts.

Thank you, on behalf of our Athletes. Please donate now:

Plymouth High School Athletic Project Fund

Salem High School Athletic Project Fund

Canton High School Athletic Project Fund