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Classroom Grants

EEF Classroom Enhancement Grants provide opportunities for teachers to fund innovative experiences that enhance the learning environment.  Since 2000, the EEF has funded over $422,000 in grants to all 24 schools throughout Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (P-CCS).

2018-19 Grant application deadlines are October 5th, 2018 and January 9th, 2019.


Application Review

Each grant application will be reviewed by the EEF Grant committee consisting of EEF Board members and volunteers.  Grants are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Innovative classroom enhancement to the existing curriculum
  • Grant request is understandable, thorough & complete
  • Permanent materials vs. disposable materials
  • Materials and ideas that can be shared among other classes
  • Meets Teaching and Learning Standards
  • Number of students served vs. cost
  • Evaluation process is in place
  • Budget is thorough and complete


Grant application packages must be complete to be considered.  Be sure to include an application form, grant request write-up and budget.  Please call Gretchen Ward if you have any questions:  734-416-2718 or email at

Past Grants Winter 2018

Fine Motor Fun

Farrand Elementary:  Amy Ahern, Staci Kokalis, Shawn Finney

This project addresses the occupational needs of 21 students in the ASD program at Farrand Elementary.  The materials will help motivate and encourage students to improve their fine motor skills.  Materials to be utilized include:  Bi-Color Teaching Shoelaces, Dressing Caterpillar, and Dressing Button Zipper Vest.

Amount granted:  $373.95

Learning on the Move

Farrand Elementary:  Chris Hammond

Learning on the Move is designed to help students maintain focus in the classroom by providing students with an outlet for movement or brain breaks.  The goal of this program is to collect a variety of materials that will help students focus and be fully engaged in the learning of the curriculum.    Amount requested:  $1,186.73

Amount granted:  $500

Pioneer All-School Read

Pioneer Middle:  Sally Yentz, Claire Swisher

Again this year Pioneer is promoting an all-school read during “March is Reading Month.  The book chosen is a newly published youth novel, Restart, which addresses bullying, stereotyping, and intolerance.  This request will fund the purchase of the book for 83 students, who are on free and reduced lunch.

Amount granted:  $863.20

American History DBQ Project  (Document Based Questions)

East Middle School:  Jodi Svoboda

The DBQ Project emphasizes the critical importance of promoting inquiry.  The core beliefs of this project is that all students need to learn how to think.  This project supports and enhances the 8th grade social studies curriculum, which focuses on American History.

 Amount Granted:  $702

Jeopardy Review

Plymouth High School:  Nicole Rutkowski

The Jeopardy Review system is a game/technique that Nicole is using but this kinesthetic version allows students to see the answers and feel the authenticity of the game play, which adds another level of engagement.  Thus, it will improve the overall participation for the summative assessments that are given in the classroom.

Amount granted:  $1,701.66

Struggling Readers:  Reading for Pleasure

Starkweather Academy:  Debra Cohn, Bernadette Morse, Regina Wilburn

This project would develop a library of high interest, teen appropriate resources that are exceptionally engaging to students.  During their Seminar time students would have access to invaluable literary resources that would allow them to read for pleasure and drive a change in attitude toward reading.

Amount granted:  $472.66

Engaging Research with “Lightbox”

Hoben Elementary:  Diana Olds

Lightbox is even more than an interactive ebook.  It will allow students to explore social studies, science, and language arts with videos, slideshows, interactive maps, child-safe web links, and quizzes.  Lightbox can be accessed from home, from school, and any device.  Teachers will also have access and can view/learn as a whole group on their Smart Boards.

Amount granted:  $720

“Go Animate” Student Created Videos

Pioneer Middle School:  Maureen Alexander

“Go Animated” for schools is an effective educational video program in which students can create personalized videos to enhance lessons and concepts.  This higher level learning tool makes it possible for students to deepen their level of understanding, use their creativity and develop critical thinking skills.

Amount granted:  $253.00

Rock Café Goes Retail

Salem High School:  Diana Woodward

For this project it is proposed to purchase a portable food retail display cart.  The cart will allow students enrolled in the culinary program to create and enhance a tremendous number of onsite and offsite events and experiences. The new retail project will include but is not limited to both offsite and onsite fundraisers.  The retail cart will allow them to provide a professional looking public front for students to access, which will also raise awareness about the program.

Amount granted:  $2,500

Digimet Metronome/Tuner

Discovery Middle School Band: Marc Whitlock

This item was requested to assist with: student sense of beat and tempo, student listening skills, helping students find the errors, practicing more efficiently, and playing rhythms precisely. Students should practice with a metronome because they are immediately bound together by one basic element: rhythm.

Amount granted:  $1,083

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