There are many ways to support our students!

EEF accepts gifts of cash or cash equivalents, marketable securities and in-kind gifts of personal property. Some gifts may require review by the EEF Board of Trustees including tangible property that is not readily marketable, real estate, closely held and S corporation stock, partnership interests, life insurance, etc. EEF reserves the right to refuse any gift that it believes is not in the best interest of EEF or Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

Ways to Give:

Cash Donation

Cash donations may be made in-person; by mail; or anytime online.

Click HERE to donate to our Annual Campaign


Send a check to:

Educational Excellence Foundation
454 South Harvey Street
Plymouth MI 48170

Matching Donations

Does your company match charitable donations?

EEF qualifies for most company match programs. Please send us your paperwork along with your donation and we’ll do the rest!

If you are interested in establishing a Donor-Directed Fund or Endowment Fund to benefit Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, simply contact the EEF office at (734) 416-2718 or EEF’s Executive Director Gretchen Ward at

EEF works hard to keep overhead to a minimum. We use donated office space and part-time staff. Your contributions are used for the express purpose of enhancing education in Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

All donations are eligible for tax deduction consideration. The Educational Excellence Foundation is a registered non-profit 501[c][3] organization.

For additional areas of support or to share an idea, please call the Educational Excellence Foundation at (734) 416-2718.

Annual Giving

When individuals and companies make annual, unrestricted gifts to support the general funds of the Foundation, they make it possible for investment earnings to be devoted to supporting our scholarships and youth programs. These gifts are the lifeblood of the organization. They allow the Board to direct resources towards the programs and activities that are most important to workforce development at any given time. Regular annual giving by friends and supports of the Foundation is critical to our ability to operate the Foundation efficiently and effectively over the long-term.

You can make your annual gift a number of ways:

  • You can make a gift on-line at any time by clicking HERE
  • You can respond to solicitations that you receive from the Foundation.
  • You can make a gift with stock, bonds or securities.
  • You can call our office during business hours (734-416-2718) and we will help you make whatever arrangements you need for your gift!

Endowment Funds

EEF manages a portfolio of endowed funds. These funds were established by gifts with the intention of the donor to have an enduring impact on the education of students in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. The earnings generated from these funds are used in perpetuity to provide either general support or designated support

To create a named, designated endowment fund at the Foundation, a minimum gift of $2,500 is required. Staff can work with you to design a plan to develop a named fund.

Our scholarship program is very popular with donors interested in helping students achieve their academic goals. This is also an excellent way to honor or memorialize a loved one who has/had a passionate interest in education.

With an endowed fund, the principle of the gift is invested for long term growth and can not be invaded. A portion of the annual investment earnings is used to fund the program, project or scholarship. Currently the spending rate for the endowment fund is 5.0 percent of the average market value of the fund measured quarterly for the three-year period ending December 31 of the year preceding the budget year. This rate is set by the Foundation Board of Directors and monitored by the Board’s Investment and Finance Committee.

Planned Giving

A gift to the Educational Excellence Foundation that is part of a thoughtful, comprehensive estate plan provides a way for you to complete a lifetime of giving or make a significant gift that was not possible at an earlier stage of life. Planned gifts also provide advantages such as a guaranteed lifetime income and tax benefits.

To learn more about planned gift options, contact us at 734-416-2718 or

Memorial and Honorarium

The Educational Excellence Foundation regularly works with family members and friends who want to memorialize or honor someone through gifts to the Foundation. We will be happy to assist you in creating a new fund or supporting an existing fund to recognize your loved one.

Special Gifts for Projects

Besides annual operating gifts and long term investment endowment gifts, the Foundation offers donors the opportunity to invest in several special projects and managed awards programs. Numerous corporations and foundations have invested in youth outreach programs through annual grants for youth programs in areas near their facilities. We will be glad to share program options with you. These restricted gifts help the Foundation run current programs and fund newly developing programs.