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Sean Penderel
Pioneer Middle School

This grant funded a new vibraphone for Pioneer Middle School. This is the first vibraphone Pioneer has ever had and will be used by Pioneer’s 30 percussionists and 5 ensembles, totaling 233 students. Over the next 20 years, nearly 5,000 students will have had the opportunity to use the vibraphone!

A vibraphone is like a xylophone that contains a motor with rotating paddles within the resonators. These paddles create a vibrato sound, which results in the distinctive "vibraphone" sound.

The unique sound of a vibraphone is a staple of Contemporary Concert Band literature, Jazz, and specifically American music, which is what Pioneer’s curriculum is based around. It is not uncommon for Pioneer students to be working on advanced musical literature. The addition of a vibraphone allows Pioneer students to continue to challenge themselves while creating robust, well rounded ensembles and bands.