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The Educational Excellence Foundation (“EEF”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1985, for the exclusive purpose of providing financial and other support for students in Plymouth-Canton Schools.

Our mission is to help students achieve their highest potential through strong community partnerships that enhance the P-CCS educational experience.

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Ready to donate?
Here’s how.

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Sensory Hallway $750

Amy Ahern & Lori Asher, Dodson Elementary School
This project supports the creation of a sensory hallway full of fine motor and gross motor activities.  It gives students with sensory needs access to equipment  needed for sensory regulation, which leads to a calmer, more focused student and can head off meltdowns and frustrations.  Materials are mounted on the floor and walls in a specific manner to calm individual bodies, heighten senses to increase activity and mix gross motor and fine motor activities.  These materials include curriculum and education concepts such as letters on the stepping stones for letter identification and word creation and identifying right and left.  The EEF is excited that all students at Dodson will have the ability to benefit from the Sensory Hallway!