Thank a Teacher / Salute a Staff

Mr. Joe, Transportation Bus 89P / Mrs. Frayne, Isbister Elem. /  Mr. Slaughter, Pioneer MS /  Monica Merritt, Superintendent / Mr. Danny, Farrand Crossing Guard / All P-CCS Staff/Employees This Year / Dr. Alexandria Williams, Field Elem. / Ms. Diane Danahy, Field Elem. / Mrs. Hughey, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Nowaske, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Hurley, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Jurmo, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Becky Leiting, Tonda Elem. / Ms. Susan Timmerman, Smith Elem. / Ms. Jennifer Wolf, Farrand Elem. / Mr. Wooster, West MS  / Mr. Wells, West MS / Mr. Szalka, West MS / Mrs. Klapper, Bird Elem. / Mr. Nicholas Ivacko, Field Elem. / Mr. Michael Gieske, Field Elem.

Dana Anderson, Virtual Academy / Kristin Juriga, Gallimore Elem.  / Sharon Schwank, East MS / Lauren Cummings, Salem HS / Miss. Jennifer Bennett, Social Studies & AP Govt. Plymouth HS / Miss Carolyn Costantino, Canton HS Psychology & Social Stdies / Miss. Donna Hollandsworth, Salem HS Sciences:  Chemistry / Jason Slaughter, Pioneer Social Studies / Amy Caudill, Tonda 3rd Grade / Jayne Burnstein, Bird Elem. / John Kreger, 88.1 the Park / Lauren Cummings, Salem HS. / Staff at West Middle School / Mrs. Nicole Mifsud, Gallimore Elem. / Mrs. Aimee Bell, Gallimore Elem. / Mr. Blakeslee, Canton HS – English Advanced Comp. / Mrs. Touma, Hulsing Virtual Academy / Mr. Scott Meyer, Virtual Academy / Latisha Thomas, Field Elem. / Ms. D, Workman Bus 97

Leann Howe, West MS Guidance Counselor / Mrs. Robert, Hulsing / Mrs. Glaspie, Hulsing / Mrs. Amanda Fisher, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Melissa Mosquera, TAG ELA / Mrs. Rebecca Nimmerguth, Academic Skills / Mrs. Erin Papcsik, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Jacqueline Barlow, East MS / Mrs. Colleen England, East MS / Mr. Larry Francis, Transportation / Dana Ehrenberger, Dodson Elem VA / April Quasarano, Dodson Elem. / Stefanie Trulock, Dodson Elem. /

Kristen Juriga, Gallimore Elem. / Rebecca Harrison, P-CEP / Jay Obsniuk, P-CEP / Scott Obsniuk, P-CEP / Mr. Mike Gold, Gallimore / Mrs. Farmer, West MS / Mr. Fisher, West MS, Mr. Scott Meyer, Bird Elem / Mrs. Penny Kazmierski, Orchestra / Martha Farmer, West MS / Sue Laubernds, Hoben / Tom Laubernds, Central Maintenance / Jennifer Jarmusevich, Hoben / Sarah Avery, East MS

Mrs. Maturen, Canton HS / Gail Maloney, Dodson Elem. /Bonnie Donaldson, Teaching & Learning / Arielle Wroblewski, Virtual Academy / Nicole Holliday, Virtual Academy /  Kristina Wing, Virtual Academy / Pamella Purcell, Virtual Academy / Lisa Jasnowski, Virtual Academy / Steven Barnes, Virtual Academy / Catherine Depentu, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Sabatini, Isbister Elementary / Staff at West Middle School / Mrs. Kristen Incarnati, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Amanda Brennan, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Nola Wellman, Virtual Academy / Mr. Larry Francis, Transportation /

Kristi Berry, Gallimore Elem. / Ms. Vanessa Smolenski, Gallimore Elem. /Ms. Karen Brackett, Virtual Academy / Mr. Christopher Szymoniak, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Kristin Juriga, Gallimore Elem. / Mrs. Aimee Bell, Gallimore Elem. / Ms. Kelly Lash, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Teresa Ozog, Hoben Elem. / Mrs. K. Thompson, Virtual Academy / Amy Vollick, Hoben Elem. / Deanna Coughlin, Virtual Academy / Mr. Hammond, Farrand Elem. / Mrs. Tennant, Miller Elem. /  Mrs. Jayne Burnstein, Bird Elem. / Ms. Melissa Jones, Virtual Academy / Mrs. Olzak, East MS / Mrs. Yvonne Christensen, Smith Elem. / Mrs. Overfield, Farrand Elem./ Mrs. Tomasaitis, Farrand Elem. / Mr. Scott Robertson, Virtual Academy / Mr. Joe, Bus 89P / Mr. Larry, Bus 27-19 /Mr. Hill, Bird Elem. /Ms. Koszela, Isbister Elem. / Leslie Corgan, Dodson Elem. / Miss Judy, Bus 08 / Mrs. Todd, Virtual Academy / Sandy Muysenberg, Farrand Elem. / Mrs. K. Thompson, Virtual Academy /

Dayna Ehrenberger, Dodson Elem. VA / April Quasarano, Dodson Elem. / Stefanie Trulock, Dodson Elem. / Sue Smith, Hoben Elem. / Mrs. Margaret Robert / Mrs. Christiona Glaspie, Hulsing Elem. / Mrs. Amy Koch, Hulsing Elem. / Mrs. Kathleen Hall, Hulsing Elem. / Mrs. Kost, Isbister / Mrs. Margaret Robert,  Hulsing Elem.  / Mrs. Glaspie, Hulsing Elem. / Mrs. Mifsud, Gallimore Elem. / Brandi Ignagni, Tanger /  Lori Langenderfer, Tanger /  Deb Stephens, Tanger / Erin Pell, Tanger / Mrs. Debbie, Bus 71P /  Mrs Cassandra Fuciarelli , Hulsing Elem. / Maureen Tennant, Miller Elem. / Kelsey Bolz, Plymouth HS / Mr. Jay Obsniuk, Canton HS / Mr. Darren Way, Canton HS / Nurse Cathy Adsit / Ms. Kimberly May, BOE /All Teachers in the PCEA  / Mr. Mike. Bus 93-P / All the Teachers of East Middle School / Nancy Wojtowicz, Workman Elem. / Mrs. McLaughlin, Virtual Academy / Sarah Gillikin, Eriksson Elem. / Mrs. Amy Anderson, Virtual Academy /

 Mrs. Christine Mazur, Coordinator of Pupil Accounting / All Plymouth and Canton School District Team / Mrs. Mellem, Ms. Samuel, Mrs. Mullins, Eriksson Elem. / Tracy Dodes, Virtual Academy /Ms. Henry and Ms. Boon, Field Elem. / Mrs. Johnson Cassandra, Hulsing Elem. /  Mrs. Weishaar-Wall, Hulsing Elem. /  Mrs. Rocheleau, Hulsing Elem. /  Mrs. Olka, Hulsing Elem. / Mrs. Debbie, Hulsing Bus 71P / Mr. Sharp, Dodson Elem. / Yvonne Christensen, Bird Elem. /  Michelle Brown, Bird Elem.  / Lisa Roedel, Bird Elem. Hannah Peterson, Bird Elem. / Staci Kokalis, Farrand Elem. / Jennifer Wolf, Farrand Elem. / Tracee Harris-Kloian, Allen / Pioneer MS Staff / Mrs. Nowaske – Science / Mrs. Easterling, Art / Mrs, Buerkle, Parapro /Aid. / Mr. Michael Gold, Gallimore Elem. / Mrs. Duran, Workman /

Mr Joe

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools is wrapping up a school year like no other.  Whether your student was in the Virtual Academy or the Safe Start Program, school looked very different.    We appreciate all of the teachers, staff, administrators, cafeteria workers, paraprofessionals, custodial workers and bus drivers that put in extra hours and adapted to the needs of students.  The EEF wants to help families recognize those that went above and beyond this year.


The Educational Excellence Foundation (“EEF”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1985, for the exclusive purpose of providing financial and other support for students in Plymouth-Canton Schools.

Our mission is to help students achieve their highest potential through strong community partnerships that enhance the P-CCS educational experience.

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There are many ways make a gift to EEF. Find the scholarship, fund, or cause that calls to you.

Donating methods include cash donations, endowment funds, memorials, scholarships and more.

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Black Student Union Tutoring Outreach

Scott Milam, PCEP Clubs/Activities

This grant is for the Black Student Union to initiate a tutoring program that allows high school students that are in the club to connect with students from the middle schools and high schools in the district.  The funding supported purchase of a set of 10 drawing tablets that students would be able to use to do virtual tutoring through Zoom.

Amount granted:  $590