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IMG_8168 - Melissa Overfield (1)
IMG_8217 - Melissa Overfield (1)


Force and Motion Exploration Stations

Melissa Overfield                                                            Farrand Elementary School                                                      Total Grant Awarded: $1,000

The materials purchased in this grant allowed students hands-on access to force, motion, and magnetism materials throughout the school year. Half of the students were engaged in Dash Robot coding and movement while the other half were building Skyline Rollercoasters with Magformers.

Students were highly engaged in both exploration stations. Students expressed how scientists must use technology to put all their ideas together and realized that science and technology work together to build things. They developed coding skills, enjoyed creativity in building, and developed teamwork skills.

This grant was funded through the the Bosch BE3ST Grant Program in partnership with the EEF.