2020-2021 Annual campaign

Celebrating the past, preparing for the future.

Education may look a little different right now, but leveling the learning field is still what it's all about!  The Educational Excellence Foundation (EEF) is celebrating it’s 35th Anniversary this year, after becoming incorporated in 1985.

The EEF has provided over $559,740 to help fund classroom grants throughout the entire P-CCS District.  In addition, we've funded middle school intervention tutoring programs, scholarships for graduating seniors and STEM Experiences at every grade level.

Will you help us continue to make an impact for the next 35 years? Your gift effects not only the 17,310 P-CCS students but also your neighbors and employees who live and work in the Plymouth and Canton communities. Strengthening our schools directly impacts property values, attracts economic development, and reflects the pride we have in our community. Your contribution will be used to ensure excellent schools for years to come.

A donation of any size can make the difference.