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Classroom Grants

EEF Classroom Enhancement Grants provide opportunities for teachers to fund innovative experiences that enhance the learning environment. EEF has awarded over $608,000 in classroom grants to teachers in every school throughout P-CCS.

Please note that we will not provide funding for materials that are typically provided by the district/buildings such as PPE equipment, alternative seating or anything included as part of the district's operating budget.

We would like to thank our friends  at Community Financial Credit Union who donated $10,000 to help fund this program.  The EEF will be matching their donation with $10,000.  If you would like to financially support this program, please make a donation HERE.

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Application Review

Each grant application will be reviewed by the EEF Grant committee consisting of EEF Board members and volunteers.  Grants are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Innovative classroom enhancement to the existing curriculum
  • Grant request is understandable, thorough & complete
  • Permanent materials vs. disposable materials
  • Materials and ideas that can be shared among other classes
  • Meets Teaching and Learning Standards
  • Number of students served vs. cost
  • Evaluation process is in place
  • Budget is thorough and complete


Due to limited financial resources due to COVID-19, the EEF is asking that grant requests do not exceed $1,500 in order to maximize the amount of classrooms the grant cycle can impact.

Grant applications are to be submitted in the google form below.   Please call Gretchen Ward if you have any questions:  734-416-2718 or email at


The 2021-22 Classroom Enhancement Grant deadline was November 12, 2021.  Please check back for the 2022-23 deadline.

 Grants Fall 2020

Improved Virtual Learning for Students

Discovery:   Middle School Virtual Academy/Resource Room/General Education

Mary Baumgardner

This grant will allow purchase of a pen and pen pad to enhance teaching of pre-algebra skills to struggling students.  Instead of explaining verbally the teacher can visually show students what to do.

Note:  Community Financial Credit Union sponsored this grant.

Amount granted:  $55.10


Gizmos Science Simulations

East Middle:  Virtual Academy/Discovery/East TAG/Science    Jennifer Coffman

Gizmos will provide an alternate way to have students interact with material while virtual learning.  The simulations will allow an opportunity for students to have hands-on learning even though they are not in person.  Gizmos provides 400 interactive simulations in which they can graph, measure, compare, predict, and prove aspects of the curriculum.

Note:  Community Financial Credit Union sponsored this grant.

Amount granted:  $1,965

Art Portfolios for Young Artists

P-CCS Virtual Academy      Debra Cohn

This project includes the purchase of 7 apps to utilize on classroom devices for the teachers of 125 students in the ASD center- based program.  These apps will assist students in the autism program to learn to communicate and share through writing.  This project will help students who struggle with writing due to a lack of fine and gross motor skills.  It will also speak for students who are nonverbal, which will enable them to share their writing in the class author’s chair.

Note:  Community Financial Credit Union sponsored this grant.

Amount granted:  $870


Math eTools for Virtual Learning

Pioneer Middle  Megan Fielder

In an effort to increase the quality of distance learning experience for the math students at Pioneer the math department has put together the following project, Math eTools for Virtual Learning.  This is a one- year long subscription for the 8 teachers in the department that will allow 3 different online resources that will help them support virtual student learning.

Note:  Delta Kappa Gamma sponsored $1,000 of this grant.

Amount granted:  $1,360

White Board Desks

Salem High:  Chris Florkowski

These white board tables will allow students to work with each other more easily.  Students can write on these desks which allows them to see each other’s work and also allows the classroom teacher to identify mistakes before students complete the problems.  This increased student engagement will translate to more math proficiency.

Amount granted:  $1,500

P-CEP Libraries Supporting English Language Learners

Plymouth High:  Rachell Genesky

This project will provide the three high schools with the funding for the targeted purchasing of foreign language young adult books and graphic novels.  Materials will be culturally relevant and reflective of the student body.  These materials will be immediately available for check out via curbside pick- up.

Amount granted:  $3,000

Drone Flight

Discovery Middle:  Charles Hall

This project will allow students to utilize the computational thinking strategy to sketch a drone that can deliver Amazon packages in a busy city.  Students will act as robotics engineers and will research current drone models and learn about different applications for unmanned flight devices.

Amount granted:  $1,600

SMARTS Executive Functioning Curriculum

Discovery Middle:  Meagan-Marie Hudson

A number of students have been struggling with motivation, work completion, and organization during virtual learning.  With this program counselors will be setting up small groups of students to teach executive functioning skills.

Amount granted:  $600

Social Emotional Learning Project

Tonda Elementary:  Jessica Huneau

This grant would allow Tonda to finish their Social Emotional Learning Project, which was started in 2018-19.  Sensory corners will be established in each classroom and in addition, a social-emotional library will be available for staff and students.  This will meet students’ needs by providing appropriate sensory tools and resources for the total school population.

Note:  Community Financial Credit Union sponsored this grant.

Amount granted:  $6,729.42

Improved Virtual Leaning for Students

Discovery Middle:  Amy Ireland

This grant will allow the purchase of a pen and pen pad to assist teaching math concepts in a virtual classroom.  Instead of explaining verbally the teacher can visually explain to the students.

Note:  Community Financial Credit Union sponsored this grant.

Amount granted:  $55.10

Black Student Union Tutoring Outreach

PCEP Clubs/Activities:  Scott Milam

This grant would allow the Black Student Union to initiate a tutoring program that allows high school students that are in the club to connect with students from the middle schools and high schools in the district.  The funding would support purchase of a set of 10 drawing tablets that students would be able to use to do virtual tutoring through Zoom.

Amount granted:  $590

Making Magic with Word Magnets

Bird Elementary:  Pam Morgan

This grant will purchase 18 magnetic word building kits for first graders.  It will allow students time away from the computer screen and the opportunity to work together in the classroom and increase phonemic awareness skills by use of manipulatives.

Amount granted:  $504

In Tune and In Times

Plymouth High:  Oliver Rodriguez

These funds will be used to purchase 2 Yamaha HD-300 Harmony Directors for use during P-CEP instrumental music courses.  This device has drone and metronome features which assists students in self-identifying their instrument’s tuning.  The metronome allows students to work on tempo and rhythms in multiple venues.

Amount granted:  $1,700

Improved Virtual Learning Experience for Students

Pioneer Middle:  Erin Short

These funds will allow the purchase of a pen and pen pad to assist with teaching math concepts in the virtual classroom.

Amount granted:  $51.98

Individual Makerspace STEAM Kits

Workman Elementary:  Sarah Street

Due to Covid the classroom hands on activities have not been able to be shared.  This grant will provide the opportunity to make each student an individual STEM Hands-on Learning kit that includes puzzles, blocks, Legos, craft supplies for Makers Space Logic Game and sensory items.

Amount granted:  $600

Leadership and Community Involvement

Plymouth High School PE:  Gregory Souldarian

Physical education class is more than just student's physical health, teamwork and leadership skills are important on and off the field.  These funds will provide for a book project using the book “Legacy:  What All the Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business Life.”  This book about the world's most successful rugby team, the New Zeeland All Blacks, discusses leadership and gives fifteen lessons that will teach students how to bounce back from adversity and assist with becoming better leaders.

Amount granted:  $1,200


Pioneer Middle:  Claire Swisher

This grant will provide the purchase of three annual teacher subscriptions to  It will offer high interest vocabulary videos and practice quizzes for the sixth- grade students.  Using direct vocabulary instruction will help them build reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.

Amount granted:  $360

Kitchen Equipment

Discovery Middle:  Bridget Wallman

These funds will provide kitchen equipment, including kitchen knives, cutting boards, cut resistant gloves, a knife sharpener, and 1 demonstration station for labs in grades 6,7, and 8.

Amount granted:  $425.35

Culturally Responsive Library Project

Bentley Elementary:  Shannon Way

The goal for this grant is to update the current library collection to include diverse cultures, ideas, beliefs, activities, people, and customs.  The focus will be on non-fiction books that give a wide variety of information about diverse cultures and will reflect the diversity of the learners at Bentley and the world around them.  These books will be available to all Bentley students.

Amount granted:  $1,000

Total Fall 2020 EEF Classroom Enhancement Grant Funding:  $24,365.85

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