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Karl's Cabin Scholarship 


The Karl's Cabin  Scholarship was created to honor Karl Poulos, the founder of Karl's Cabin Restaurant in Plymouth.   An immigrant who overcame Nazi occupation in Greece and migrated to the U.S. in 1955, Karl lived the American dream.

He worked in kitchens for over 50 years bringing joy to all his guests.  A product of the Greatest Generation he was a kind, humble and a hard working family man.

The Karl's Scholarship recognizes the need to promote social responsibility, humility, faithful commitment, work ethic & general kindness in the culinary industry.   Since inception we have helped 22  local students pay for college by donating over $28,000 in scholarships to Plymouth-Canton Community School alumni.

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Congratulations to our 2020 Karl's Scholarship recipients

Yellim Park and Sydney Smith 

Sydney is a second year student at Schoolcraft College and a two time recipient of our award!  She graduated in 2019 from Plymouth Canton Education Park. Sydney loves hospitality, loves foodservice and hopes to be a food director at a resort someday.

Yelim Park is a 2020 graduate from PCEP and is just starting her first year at Schoolcraft college. She's currently employed at Rocky's of Northville. She finds peace and happiness when she's cooking in the kitchen. Yelim would like to be an Executive Chef at her own place.

Both are currently enrolled in the prestigious culinary arts program at Schoolcraft College and we want to help them live out their dreams.

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